Introducing the Lakeland Automall Nationwide Lifetime Warranty


Lakeland Automall Nationwide Lifetime Warranty

Lakeland Automall is proud to introduce the Nationwide Lifetime Warranty Program on all new Ford & Hyundai vehicles. This comprehensive warranty is the best nationwide warranty program available and Lakeland Automall Ford & Hyundai is offering it exclusively with every new Ford or Hyundai Purchase. Want to know more… We’ve put together a list of questions and answers that explain in detail the coverage and why Lakeland Automall Ford & Hyundai has the best warranty in the business!

1.    Which vehicles include the Lakeland Automall Nationwide Lifetime Warranty?
The warranty applies to every brand new Ford or Hyundai sold by Lakeland Automall for personal use. Unfortunately the warranty is NOT available on Fleet, Commercial use or vehicles purchased in the name of a business.

2.    You say lifetime warranty, but how long is the Lifetime Warranty really?
The Lifetime Warranty is good for as long as you own the vehicle for an unlimited time, unlimited miles.

3.    What are the hidden costs?

None. Our Owner Advantage Program Nationwide Lifetime Warranty is designed with you in mind. We want you to be our customer for life, so we’re offering you a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty on every new vehicle purchase. No gimmicks, no strings attached – we want you to be our customer.

4.    Do I have to pay for extra maintenance to keep my Lifetime Warranty status?
It’s really simple. Every new vehicle comes with recommended maintenance – all we ask is that you have your regular maintenance done to your vehicle. If you service with us, we’ll keep you up-to-date every time you come in on the condition of your vehicle, factory recommended service and any items that may be needed because of wear and everyday use.

5.    What if I have my new Lakeland Automall Ford or Hyundai serviced somewhere else?
Of course we’d like to you prefer to come back to us, but we understand that sometimes you prefer to have your vehicle serviced somewhere else. Your warranty is still valid as long as you keep up with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance and keep copies of service and repair records.

6.    Who else will honor my Lifetime Warranty?
Your Nationwide Lifetime Warranty is recognized by any licensed repair shop in the United States and Canada.

7.    If I choose to sell my vehicle, does my warranty transfer to the new owner?
Lakeland Automall Ford & Hyundai’s Nationwide Lifetime Warranty Guarantee is limited to the original owner and is non-transferrable.

8.    Sounds too good to be true—what’s the catch?

We take our business and customers very seriously. We want to make you a Lakeland Automall Ford & Hyundai customer for life. What better way to do that than to make a lifetime promise to you that we have you covered. Our goal every day is complete customer satisfaction and we work hard every day to build the trust and friendship that keeps you, your relatives and friends coming back to Lakeland Automall. There’s no catch! A Lifetime Warranty is a Lifetime Warranty.

9.    Please clarify what is specifically covered under the Lakeland Automall Lifetime Warranty?

The Lakeland Automall Lifetime Warranty includes the following:


1. Engine: Gasoline engine: All internally lubricated parts contained within the engine block and cylinder head(s). Plus these non-internally lubricated parts: Water pump, fuel pump, valve covers, oil pan, dipstick and tube, timing belt, timing chain/belt cover, engine mounts, flywheel, ring gear, flex plate, harmonic balancer, belt tensioner and idler pulley (s), intake and exhaust manifolds. Factory installed supercharger/ turbocharger. Cylinder head, engine block and rotor housings.* Coolant, lubricants and oil filters.** Diesel engine: All of the above parts. Plus diesel fuel injection pump, fuel injectors, fuel lines.

2. Transmission: Automatic transmission: All internally lubricated parts contained within the transmission case. Plus these non-internally lubricated parts: Transmission mount(s), oil pan, dipstick and filler tube.

3. Transmission case.* Fluids, lubricants and filter.** Manual transmission: All internally lubricated parts contained within the transmission case. Plus these non-internally lubricated parts:

4. Transmission mount(s). Transmission case.* Fluids, lubricants and filter.**

5. Transfer Case: All internally lubricated parts contained within the transfer case. Plus these non-internally lubricated parts: Electronic and vacuum engagement parts, four wheel drive automatic/semi-automatic and manually operated hub assemblies. Transfer case housing.* Lubricants.**

5. Drive Axle: All internally lubricated parts contained within the Front and/or Rear Drive Axle Housing. Plus the following parts: Axle shafts, axle bearings, constant velocity joints and boots, universal joints, center support bearing. Final drive housing.* Lubricants.**

* When damaged as a result of the failure of a covered internally lubricated part.
** When required in connection with the repair or replacement of a covered part

10.    What is missing? It really sounds like everything is covered…

We’re serious about customers for life. When we decided to offer a Lifetime Warranty, we wanted every customer to understand that it covers the vehicle itself – this means when we sell you a Ford or Hyundai we expect it to run, keep running and keep running for as long as you own the vehicle. It may sound unusual, but we know people rely on their vehicles and sometimes they even become part of the family. We want you to feel that Lakeland Automall and the products we sell are the only product you will ever need. So what’s not covered? Dings, scratches, dents, cosmetic damage and normally replaceable products like tires, brakes (unless you get the Ford Lifetime Brakes), shocks, lights, fuses, batteries and anything else not stated in the warranty. We tried to cover pretty much everything to keep you on the road.

11.    How much is the deductible?
The Lakeland Automall Nationwide Lifetime warranty has a $100 deductible.

Have questions we didn’t answer? Contact us or call 863-577-3565 for more information.

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