About Us

At Lakeland Automall, our staff is like family. We have over 240 staff members and each one is dedicated to our customer satisfaction. From parts to service, from new to used, every team member knows that to provide the best possible service, it starts with them. For 80 years, we’ve seen our family grow from a couple dedicated to making Lakeland Automall part of the community, to a thriving complex of trained, certified and dedicated team members determined to continue the growth and vision passed down through generations. Each team member understands the importance of their position and how their input every day can make the lives better for every customer that comes to Lakeland Automall. It’s a dedication to themselves, the community and our customers that continue to make Lakeland Automall Ford & Hyundai the family owned, customer focused and community dedicated business it is today.

Lakeland Automall Ford & Hyundai Artists Renditions

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