Top 10 auto repairs for new and used vehicles


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Having a qualified and even certified mechanic to perform routine maintenance on your vehicle can mean the difference between running and running at peak performance. At Lakeland Auto Service in Lakeland Florida, our technicians know your vehicle inside and out and know how to care for your vehicle to make sure it is performing in peak condition. From routine oil changes and brake repairs, to major engine overhauls and body repair, we know how to make your vehicle shine inside and out.

1) Oil Changes: Nearly all drivers know that routine oil changes are needed. Depending on your make and model of vehicle, replacing the oil can be a simple process but can also come with some difficulties. Many vehicle owners are leaving the repairs to a certified professional just to avoid the ‘hassle’ of doing to themselves. Even though it might seem cheaper to take it into your own hands to so this maintenance, it is sometimes more economical to leave it to the pros and enjoy the relaxing environment of an air conditioned waiting room with free TV and wi-fi.

2) Oil Leaks: Oil spots on the driveway and dark spots in the garage usually mean one thing… and it could be the start of a bigger problem. Although small oil leaks may not seem like much, over time they can become larger and be a sign of an even bigger problem. Having oil leaks check before they become a problem is always a good idea. A small expense now can save a huge expense down the road.

3) Brake Repairs: The last thing you want when you’re driving is not being able to stop. Typically brakes last 40,000 or more miles depending on your driving conditions. If you drive frequently in stop-and-go traffic or frequently ‘slam’ on the brakes, you may just want to have them checked. Again, changing brakes is a relatively simple process and can be done with little expertise – however, it is not as easy to replace rotors, check alignment and make sure the process is completed within fractions of millimeters. Sometimes you may wish to leave the bigger jobs to the professionals.

4) Tire Repairs and Replacements: Much like the brakes on your vehicle, tires are one of those necessities that keep your vehicle rolling. Of course tire tread is important and making sure they are properly balanced is always a good idea. As your tires begin to wear, the tread may become uneven, or worse, get punctured or worn due to much larger problem. You can always use the ‘penny’ test for the tread depth, but most drivers know when they are starting to experience problems. The only problem is some drivers tend to ignore the warning signs until it’s too late. Don’t get caught on a dark road in the middle of the night because you didn’t listen to what your tires were telling you…

5) Battery Replacements: Batteries are designed to last for many years, but if you live in Florida, you might be lucky if they last more than 2 years. Excessive heat and use can wear even the best battery down quickly. Unlike your tires, it’s a little more difficult to feel you battery failing or hear the squealing like your breaks. In Florida, its best to have your battery tested every 6 months. Most shops will do this for FREE as part of a routine maintenance program, but check with your service advisor to make sure it is included. You don’t want to be stuck with a dead battery.

6) Ignition System Repairs: By now most of us have heard about the ignition recalls on some models of vehicles, but sometimes it goes way beyond a recall. The ignition system is the fire-starter for your car and keeps it running. The simple combustion engine has gotten more and more complicated as time has gone by, and having a certified technician troubleshoot your vehicle when you think you’re having problems is the only way to get it fixed right. No longer can you bypass the terminals and jump the starter without doing some serious damage. The best advice is to take to a certified dealer and get it on a diagnostic machine to find out exactly what is wrong. This diagnostic testing can be less expensive than replacing your entire ignition system.

7) Coolant System Flush: Coolant/antifreeze solutions weaken over time. In order to keep your vehicle running properly, system coolant needs to be replenished and occasionally replaced. As the coolant additives break down, deposits can clog and impair the proper flow of coolant throughout your engine. Flushing the coolant can remove the buildup of deposits and keep every aspect of your vehicle performing at manufacturer specifications.

8) Air Conditioning Recharges: Even though air conditioning refrigerant is less toxic to the environment these days, it still serves the same purpose. In Florida, you almost can’t go a day without working air conditioning and the purpose is to cool the inside of the car. Although most cars are built well, vibrations over time can loosen parts and cause minor leaks; this can happen to your air conditioning system causing a less than cool experience. Adding coolant can be done if you know how or follow the directions on the can of refrigerant, but leaving it to the professionals is usually best. When a certified technician checks and recharges your air conditioning , a series of flow tests are performed to make sure the right amount of coolant and the right pressure is consistent in the system. If you’re experiencing problems with your air conditioning, it might be time to have it checked.

9) Fuel System Repairs. Driving consistently on less than a ¼ tank of gas can damage a fuel pump by overworking, and usually after 50,000 miles, any fuel pump can go bad. The fuel pump is designed to force fuel into the engine – no matter if you have an old fashioned carburetor or modern fuel injectors. Overworking the fuel pump and not regularly flushing fuel injectors (if you have them) can lead to loss of performance and even cause problems starting, idling and accelerating. Unless you know what you’re doing, you might want to leave this to a certified professional who knows how your vehicle works and can get the original manufacturer parts to make it work like new.

10) Transmission Repairs/Replacements. This is the last thing most people want to hear…”You’re transmission is going bad.” The only thing that might be similar is thinking your internal organs are failing – neither are good and can be expensive to get fixed. We’re not saying that they cannot be fixed, but you might want to leave this one to the professionals as well. Making sure your transmission fluid levels are full is always a good thing. When you feel the acceleration begin to ‘slip’ or when you put your vehicle in gear and a hesitation and sometimes ‘lurch’ pulls you forward, you might have a problem that needs addressed. Transmission replacement and repair is not for the faint of heart, if you don’t know what you’re doing you could end up doing more damage than good.

We thought we’d bring you this long and detailed list of common repairs in order to help you more fully understand what your vehicle needs. Lakeland Automall Ford & Hyundai not only works on Fords & Hyundai’s but all types of vehicles with expert and certified technicians. Our service department is open 6 days a week and offers complimentary shuttle service, original manufacturer parts and the friendliest and most knowledgeable service advisors around. We’re not here to ‘upsell’ you on things you don’t need, only to help you understand the intricacies that surround your vehicle and the best and most efficient way to address any problem with your vehicle.

Visit to schedule an appointment, email us a question or call us with whatever your problem might be. Our team of professionals will help you to understand what needs done without pressure, giving you the facts about your repair and backing it up with certified technicians, exceptional parts & service warranties and our award winning service.

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