The Season is upon us! Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday – Let the madness begin…


Thanksgiving Black Friday Weekend @ Lakeland AutomallWe all saw it coming… if you didn’t you’ve probably been sleeping. Every year it happens at that same time. We all get geared up for the warm and cozy feeling of Family and friends and a relaxing day to give thanks… then it creeps up on us. BAM! Black Friday! Small Business Saturday! Cyber Monday! Then the mad rush is on… holiday parties, gift exchanges, secret Santa and jingle bells everywhere. The red kettles and dinging bells seem to be at every exit and toy drive boxes beg to be filled. It’s no difference in the car business. We’re guilty too! But we have to be – no, really! Unlike some other retail operations, our inventory moves based on the year. Nobody wants a 2014 car in 2015 unless they can get it for a great deal! So that’s what we (and all of the car dealers) do… we sell what we have left for the year end clearance and suggest that all cars on the lot are the newest and greatest since the invention of the Ford Model-T.

That’s what we do. But first we spend a day with family and friends thanking everyone who helped us make it through the year. All of our customers, our staff, vendors and suppliers. Everyone who helps make the wheels go ’round – so to speak. Without all of them, we wouldn’t be in business. So for that one day, we sit back and stuff ourselves with turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. Of course we know there are the non-traditionalists that will try to break the mold with the rare rack of lamb or beef wellington, but for most of America, Thanksgiving is a tradition to be spent with family and friends, watching football and taking an afternoon nap before getting up for the second or third helping before they truly become leftovers.

Does that make us wrong? Of course not! We do what every other dealer, retailer and salesman does when it comes to selling… we give every customer a reason to come in and get the best deals of the season. At Lakeland Automall Ford & Hyundai we’re no different. We have the Black Friday weekend sales event with all of the incentives you’d expect. Unlike some years, this Thanksgiving falls closer to the end of the month, so incentives from Ford and Hyundai hit harder than usual. $1,000 gift cards, thousands in savings and incentives – all to get buyers in the door to check out the savings and move up and into a new ride. We’ve even got specials that are only good on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday… like what you ask? Well service has a new incentive for tires (not the most exciting purchase for the holidays, but very important) – buy four and get all of the expiring discounts before November 30th (which happens to be a Sunday and service is closed)… but what makes this different is you can buy now, get the discounts and rebates and install later… that’s right. You can pick a date later to have your tires installed when it’s convenient for you. That’s a new concept right our of the Jingle Bells recipe book.

What about vehicles? What do you want? We have hundreds of vehicles in all sizes and colors and can get you in the driver’s seat before you can say Happy Hanukkah. Think we’re kidding? Just ask any one of our 180 employees what they can do for you and they’ll answer… “How can I help you?” So here’s the push. You want a deal? You know that the end of the year is the best time to buy a new vehicle (everybody knows that), so when you’re done with your nap and halftime is upon us, take a look at this: BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS  and then circle the one’s that you want that won’t fit in your stocking. We’ll be open and ready to help you with whatever you are looking for…. promise!

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