It’s still coming… The New Lakeland Hyundai Facility Nearing Completion


We know… we keep saying it’s coming and it’s coming, but it really is. This time we’re so close we can smell the paint and fresh concrete. We’ve been posting most of the updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages, but we didn’t want to forget about our blog. We tend to get a bit carried away in our own success that we neglect some of the fundamentals that have built our success. We’ve had a recent push in social media and surveys from our customers and we believe it is really important to respond to all of them.

We have a full time dedicated staff that is truly concerned about customer service and making sure every customer has the best possible experience while at Lakeland Auotmall. Both the Ford and Hyundai brands are quality products, but we believe it goes beyond the quality – it is about how the customer feels about their purchase, service or experience while at Lakeland Automall Ford & Hyundai. We know it’s been a culture shift and a process that is continuous, that’s why we posted some of those internal changes in the last posting. We really do believe that our team works to exceed the expectations of every customer every day. It’s not a difficult task, it just takes a dedication and persistence to make sure that every member of our team understands our goal and works toward the same conclusion.

So, we haven’t forgotten the blog postings, we just want to make sure we’re covering all bases and hitting our customer base with the best, most up-to-date information possible. That includes all of our websites, current inventory, weekly and monthly specials and adverting on television, radio and print. So until we get settled and get back to giving you some relevant updates and information about what is going on at Lakeland Automall Ford & Hyundai, we wanted to share some pictures with you that might give you a better understanding of what is tome come… we think it’s awesome!