Finding the car of your dreams while surfing the internet


2015 Ford Mustang at Lakeland Automall
We know people have different tastes, but finding the car of your dreams is possible.

It’s not always easy finding the car of your dreams, sometimes you end up settling for something less than you expected because it’s not in your budget, it’s not in stock or you just can’t find it. When it comes to new cars, there are only a limited number of vehicles that are produced every year and shipped throughout the United States and around the world. Just because of the sheer volume of cars being shipped to dealers all over the world, finding your perfect ride can become a headache to say the least.

It has gotten easier over the years with the growth of the internet; finding a car has never been easier. Yet somehow, it seems that the search for a new car may have become even more complicated. Dealer websites promote specials and discounts on select makes and models providing an inventory of ‘on-the-lot’ specials. But did you know actually finding the car of your dreams can be easier than you think? It’s as simple as knowing what you want.

Not all dealers work the same, even though inventory may look the same. If you’re looking for a certain feature on a vehicle, it may be limited to the dealer, area or even the region. That doesn’t mean it can’t be found and delivered to you. All you have to do is ask… but expect to absorb some of the cost in getting it delivered to your door.

If you’re not willing to budge on the car of your dreams, shopping around might be able to find you the best deal, but not always. Sometimes incentives and discounts at one dealer can outweigh the delivery charges, dealer fees, differences in taxes and other fees that may be imposed. If you’re willing to be flexible, maybe the car of your dreams wasn’t the one you saw on the internet shopping around; it’s actually the one on the showroom floor at your local dealer.

In some cases, shopping the internet can lead to more confusion. At Lakeland Automall, we want to make sure you find the car of your dreams or start dreaming about the car you just saw in the showroom. It takes dedicated salespeople, knowledgeable staff and the ability to understand your needs to get you the vehicle you really want. Go ahead, shop around, we encourage it! We also encourage you to stop by and talk to our sales team, see for yourself the cars on the lot and our inventory, and compare the possibilities. Finding the car of your dreams is possible; we just want to help you achieve it.