David Gill of Lakeland Florida Wins 1 of 10 Caribbean Cruises form Lakeland Automall Ford & Hyundai

David Gill Wins a cruise for 2 during Lakeland Automalls "Test Drive your Way to the Caribbean" promotion.
David Gill Wins a cruise for 2 during Lakeland Automalls “Test Drive your Way to the Caribbean” promotion.

It is such a good feeling working with our Lakeland Automall Ford and Hyundai customers. As you may already know, we had a big weekend with the Saturday test drive to the Caribbean and the Drive for our Troops – both going on at the same time. Well, we had our salespeople randomly pull names out of a box filled with all of the entries submitted over the weekend and we pulled 10 names (posted in the earlier post). We notified all of the winners through voice mail and email and got some pretty quick responses.

David Gill called back to Lakeland Automall and said “What’s the catch?”

“No catch…” we replied, “You came in, you took a test drive, we pulled your name out of a hat from all of the winners, and you won!”

“What’s the catch?” David asked again.

“Look, David, there is no catch. You won a 2 night Caribbean cruise. It leaves from Palm Beach. You’ll need to contact the cruise company, give them the number on your cruise voucher and enjoy your cruise. That’s it. No catch. You won.” He didn’t still seem to believe us.

David said he was just up the road anyway on 98 North and would be at the dealership in 15 minutes. Just about 15 minutes later we got a call that David had returned to Lakeland Ford and wanted to talk to the person in charge of cruises….

Certificate in hand, we walked to the Lakeland Ford building from Lakeland Hyundai and introduced ourselves to David. “What’s the catch?” David said again… “No catch. In fact all we need to do is verify you are who you say you are. We have a release form if we can take your picture and if you don’t want a picture, at least get a quote from you. If you don’t want to do either of those, you just need to sign your entry form acknowledging you received your cruise voucher.”

David looked relieved and just a bit puzzled. He took the paper out of our hands and wrote the words “AWESOME!”, signed his name and smiled. “Can we get a picture?” we asked…

“Sure..” David said.

Congratulations David and all of the other winners this week. If you haven’t heard, you’re going to have another chance to win this Saturday. We’ve decided to extend invitation to everyone again. So this Saturday June 21st from 9:00AM to 8:00PM at Lakeland Automall, Lakeland Ford and Lakeland Hyundai, come in and take a test drive so you can be entered in the drawing for next week. We’ll draw another 10 winners from all of the entries and you could be the next lucky winner. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Some other rules apply and we’ll post them again later this week.

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