Sometimes We Really Can Make a Difference – Thank you


We know that sometimes things don’t always go as planned, but sometimes it is nice to be able to change perception and really work toward making sure the customer is number one. We truly do work hard every day to make sure we are “Exceeding Expectations Every Day!” It’s great when a customer recognizes our efforts and responds like this… Thank you John McKinney – we really do appreciate your feedback.

“Our overall experience was beyond our expectations. We had an extremely bad experience with Lakeland Automall (used cars) about 4 years ago. We had decided then that we would never do business there again. Johanna Thompson deserves the first 10 because she wouldn’t let me hang up when she called me about my inquiry. She persuaded me to give Lakeland Hyundai a second chance. I work in customer service myself and I will spend more at a different company if I receive better service. She did phenomenal by getting us in the door. She greeted me when I arrived and set me up with a great salesperson. Which brings me to the second person that deserves the next 10, Kenny Swartz. He called me later the same evening and set up my appointment to come in and meet him. I was a little early myself, but from the get go he knew what I wanted to spend on a monthly basis and that I wanted to use my existing car as a trade. (This whole car buying was a fluke, not planned) I was looking at trading my existing 09 Sonata for a 14 Sonata. He kindly steered me to a 14 Elantra without saying hey you can’t afford the Sonata. He was professional, yet extremely fun to deal with. We took the car for a test drive and I was able to take it to my husband’s job site and he started right into selling the attributes to my husband. He sold that Elantra to me like he was selling it to his best friend or family member. He wasn’t pushy or demanding. He talked to me and my husband like we knew each for years!! When my payments were at first extremely higher than I wanted to go with, he then went back through my “budget” with me and started pointing out how I’m going to save in the end and that I needed this new car. He had me convinced, but my husband (who showed up later) was the one that needed the most convincing. Kenny went beyond that!! He pointed out to my husband that our existing warranty was about up. That brought my husband over before he could go any further. He then went into the new warranty and the safety features on the new car. I had already advised Kenny that it’s the radio that my husband would need to see. He went straight into showing him the Sirius radio and the Bluetooth. That completely brought my husband over. I’m always on the go when my husband calls and knowing he can call me no matter what was a great deal to him. Kenny has earned a customer for LIFE!!! My finally 10 goes to Brenda Gould (I think that was her last name). She was a blast to do with!! She had the same personality that we did and wasn’t okay sign here, here, and here. We had a game with it. Blue for hubby and pink for me! 🙂 Did I sign on blue, yes but she just went with it. She thoroughly went over the packages and financing. We had to come back and resign everything because she was able to work her magic and got us a better financing agreement with the payments back down to where we needed them to be. She went above our expectations!! She fought for us with the financing company and for that she deserves a raise!!!! We are very grateful and thankful for these three individuals that helped us get our FIRST brand new car!! We will back…..”

It really makes us feel good to be able to exceed your expectations in every aspect! Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you again!