Getting a new perspective on Lakeland Ford


7-22-2014_Ford_PanoramaWe know it’s only been just over 6 weeks, but the Lakeland Ford building hasn’t changed much on the outside too much since they started gutting the inside and had dumpsters blocking the front entrance. we’ve noticed little things like the driveway getting torn out and sod being laid down along the curb, but most of the changes just can’t be seen to the general public. We suppose that is a good thing since Lakeland Ford won’t be completed until closer to the end of the year and it gives us plenty of time to fill you in on the renovations. For now, we’re going to bring you some different perspectives of what Lakeland Ford is now and maybe you can imagine what it will look like… Right now we’re having a pretty hard time visualizing it, but we’re sure it’s just a matter of time….

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