Ford Mustang and OPI join forces to color the fingertips of exhilarating


So why not? Ford has been promoting the Mustang brand for 50 years and what makes more sense than to cross-channel market to different audiences? This time it’s not catering to the testosterone driven male ego, but the slick, cultured and pampered fingernails of the impassioned Mustang enthusiast. So it really doesn’t matter if you like a Mustang or really love it, Ford and OPI have teamed up to present the vibrant colors that will accent your Mustang – no matter what the year!

Ford Mustand and OPI combine for colorSo what makes it so ingenious? Well, great marketing for one! Take one of the top of the line nail polish makers O.P.I. and blend colors that enhance the image of the Ford Mustang – then cater to a select group that can target and help elevate the iconic brand even more. The combination ideally appeals to the female crowd, not typically the wrench toting mechanic set, but it has an appeal that can be universal.

The packaging, display and imagery is sleek and marked with the Ford and O.P.I. brands while subtlety merging the tow brands. Offering the “Pony Pack” of mini mail lacquers with race inducing names like “Race Red” and “Angel with a Lead Foot”, the collection is already a hit and nearly sold out at the ULTA locations we visited. So is it just a novel idea or a great marketing ploy? Both! For the true Mustang lover it’s a must have to use and to have as a lifelong souvenir keepsake. Maybe they were flying off the shelves because of the unique merging of brands or because of the quality of product. Either way we thought we had to share since we’re in the “Ford” business ourselves and are anticipating the 2015 Mustang release. So, if you get a chance to find these limited set of nail polishes, you might want to pick up a set or two, after all, we’re only a few short months away from the holidays and it could make the perfect gift for the Mustang fan in your life…

O.P.I. Pony Pack - Ford Mustang EdtionOPI Ford Display


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